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Let me tell you friends. Everyone says they're awkward. Everyone. But by the end of their session or wedding day, those same people feel like they went on a date. Except it included me!! (Introducing your favorite third wheel evaaaa!) I’m usually pretty chill on your wedding day, but that won’t stop me from having you do funny things like ‘be a human boomerang’ or ‘kiss each other with your teeth’! (Trust me, it works!) I've heard more than one groom say, “I had no idea we were in for a workout!” 

start by saying, “We’re really awkward.”

99% of people

I believe that we all have different giftings from the Lord. And one of mine is encouragement! And man, oh man, wouldn’t you know my full time job is helping people celebrate?! AAHH!! He’s so faithful. I. LOVE. HELPING. PEOPLE. CELEBRATE. I love hearing stories. I love learning the why, hearing the dreams, seeing the baby steps towards your future during your engagement. And I love being able to help share that story through my images!

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I'm your girl!

Mind. Blown.

I work so so hard so that you can be present on your wedding day! During your ceremony, I (& any associate photographer) will limit movement so that it’s not a distraction to your guests! We’re here to celebrate these precious, fleeting moments! And, when it comes time to get on the dance floor, you KNOW I’ll be right next to your guests, busting out my best moves!

And, it’s not just about taking the best technically correct photos. It’s about getting to know my clients & their vision. A wedding day is a once in a lifetime moment. AND, most brides have never planned a wedding before. So many questions. So many emotions. Here’s where I come in!

Your day-of photographer will be with you during the WHOLE process. I’m not talking about the planning process (Although, I’ll be there, too!) I’m talking morning-of-your-wedding-day, up close and personal, with family dynamics, lost rings, bathroom breaks, and first looks ALL THE WAY through sending you away for the night. Your photog SHARES. YOUR. MEMORIES. WITH. YOU.

I love being a calming, experience-filled presence available to you on your wedding day. There have been moments when I’ve put down my camera, leaned in close, and said those three little words. “Are you okay?”

Altogether, this is my approach: I’m. Your. Girl. 

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Ravyn & Luke

Ravyn & Luke | Engagement & Wedding

"Working with her only exceeded my expectations. My husband and I are….how should I put it….awkward (ha!) We felt so nervous about getting these lovey dovey photos and being affectionate in front of the lens. In both of our experiences with her, we were pleasantly surprised with how at ease she made us, how she prompted us in a way that initiated genuine infectious laughter, and reminded us of our love for each other. Rachelle goes above and beyond: she traveled almost 4 hours for our wedding and her camera was clicking for 12 hours straight! By the end of the experience, I wouldn’t just call Rachelle a great photographer, but a great friend. She is so pleasant to work with and believes in love so fiercely, I think she actually can make her clients believe in it more fiercely with her."

Jordan & Mark

Jordan & Mark Miller | Wedding

“Rachelle helped us to capture our wedding day through beautiful photography. Our wedding album is truly something that we, along with our family members, will cherish. Rachelle captured the small and big moments of our special day. She was highly responsive in our communications before the big day. Talking with her felt natural; she's warm and friendly... it felt like I was talking with a close friend! (a theme that is a golden thread through our whole work relationship). She offered suggestions and tips about timing of events, based on her experience photographing other weddings, too! Rachelle's style is natural and intimate. When she was taking our photographs, she captured the true beauty and emotion of the moment - it never felt overly staged or dramatized."

Emily & Mitchell

Emily & Mitchell Kocher | Engagement & Wedding

“Rachelle photographed our engagement session and wedding ceremony, & we could not have been happier! Rachelle was excited without any hesitation to travel to Garden of Gods for our engagement session. She is so easy going but prompt to get the pictures we needed. She also has a very friendly personality that is sure to put you at ease. Our engagement pictures turned out perfect! Moving forward to the wedding, I was a NERVOUS WRECK. Rachelle knew how to keep everything running smoothly and on time and help me through my nerves. She captured our favorite moments at the church and all the dance moves at the reception. She listened to any suggestions I had about poses or scenery, but I had full confidence she knew what was best. In the end, I could not have asked for a better photographer to make our special day even better!"

Grace & Daniel

Grace & Daniel Costigan | Wedding

“Rachelle made my wedding an unforgettable one! It was seamless, perfect, and I was not stressed at all getting my pictures done during the stress of the big day. Her flexibility helped me stay worry free during and after the ceremony. She was very kind and understanding the entire day, and made sure to remind me that it was my day and we could do whatever I wanted. On top of her professional and kind demeanor, her pictures were PERFECT!!! She captured my wedding day exactly how I experienced it, with all the goofiness, joy and love wrapped up in her stunning photographs. I would highly recommend anybody who wants a seamless wedding photo experience and beautiful pictures to hire her immediately. I will cherish the memories she gave me through her work forever!!!”

Jenny & Alex

Jenny & Alex Webb | Engagement & Wedding

"I am so glad we chose Rachelle to capture our photos! If you are looking for a fun, creative, and considerate photographer who will leave you feeling more than excited to see your finished gallery, Rachelle is your girl!!"

Allison & Chandler

Allison & Chandler Sumner | Engagement & Wedding

Rachelle is the most fantastic photographer!! Not only is she the sweetest person (like you automatically connect with her), she also made all my photography dreams a reality. She is so relaxed and chill that taking pictures for hours actually becomes a blast! She has a way of making you feel so calm and extremely happy in every picture being taken. This girl has a God-given talent. And I’m so thankful that our paths crossed.

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