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I'm Rachelle, A wedding & elopement photographer based out of evansville, Indiana

I have B.A.s in Music & Worship Ministry and Bible & Theology from Johnson University. You might wonder what this has to do with photography, right? Well, this is where I grew deeper in love with my passion for connecting stories, encouraging people, and celebrating love!! In 2016, I married my super freaking attractive best friend Sam (AKA Sammy B), and after living in Tennessee for a few years, we recently settled into our current home in Evansville, Indiana!

When I’m not working or in the office (AKA my living room), you can find me hammocking on my balcony or walking through the plants at my local Home Depot. We love to hang with our friends or play with our nieces & nephew! My dreamy dream is to travel to Lisbon, Portugal with Sammy B, & spend more time than you’d think watching his hysterical dance parties! (Guys, I already do this & my Insta is filled with his videos!)

I'm a big fan of mangos, all things spicy, & Mexican food! I love mixing bold colors & different textures into my photographs, ESPECIALLY when my viewfinder is filled with couples in love!!

My name’s Rachelle, but my nieces call me Choey! 

Hey friend!

Sammy B & Me

Sam & I were in-between ministry jobs, so, I picked up a camera for the first time! I watched a billion hours of YouTube videos to figure out how it worked! Lots of rental gear & late nights spent reading manuals later, and my camera is basically attached to my hip!

As I've fallen in love with photography, and physically holding pictures in my hands (girls, print your photos, PLEASE), I've come to know how precious these snapshots are. We hold memories, moments, & emotions in our hands when we hold our photos. Our photos freeze our fleeting moments in place & help us remember the beauty & our loved ones around us!

So? I hustled; the Lord showed His favor over my efforts to give him everything, and here. we. are! He provided my love for photography and combined it with my love for people, perfectly timed for a new season! Photography allows me to build relationships with clients, give them something precious and tangible to hold, and scratch that always-there-extroverted-itch of being around other humans! Clients get beautiful photos; I get all the metaphorical hugs (win-win)! Remember that love for telling stories, encouraging people, and celebrating love?

Yup. That’s literally my job. (Cue the ugly cry).

A few years ago...

Where it began